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Lands of Monviso and Occitan Valleys
Da Giovedì 1 Ottobre a Sabato 31 Dicembre
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Copertina Lands
A few kilometres away from Turin, this territory features sweet hills on the valley bottoms and lush high altitude meadows, with peaks reaching 3,000 meters above sea level. A small area in Piedmont, a discreet land, unique and amazing, opening out like a precious fan, which has retained in its folds varied features and a dazzling richness.

These valleys are the ideal places for those who love mountain, nature and outdoor sports. There is something to suit everybody’s fancy: trekking, running, horse-riding, mountain biking, cycling, rock and ice climbing, kite surf and paragliding, canoeing and rafting, downhill and cross country skiing, ski mountaineering.

Among the wonderful towns of art of the plain, Saluzzo, once the capital of a Marquisate, is the “gate” to these five alpine valleys, descending from majestic peaks to a fruitful and welcoming plain. A precious cultural heritage, a wonderful landscape and culinary delicacies are scattered everywhere, from the plain villages to the Po, Varaita, Maira, Grana and Stura valleys.

A land rich in traditional knowledge and skills that shaped villages and hamlets and in agricultural products to be tasted in the evening in our restaurants.

Five itineraries offering to visitors the opportunity of ascending towards the peaks, but also of hiking slowly across the valleys, where you can discover a communal heritage, a shared tradition resounding still today in the sweet musicality of the Occitan language. In fact it is through the Occitan culture that this territory recovers old bonds and sense of belonging: a lively and colourful history, dating back to the troubadours in the Middle Ages and still visible today in the language, traditions, music and dances, attention to the landscape and genuineness of local people.

You will find a wide range of opportunities, in a landscape framed by a majestic mountain chain dominated by the unmistakable outline of Mount Viso, the symbol of these valleys; you will be dumbstruck by this breathtaking mountain environment!